Aaron Pascoe

Meet Aaron Pascoe

entrepreneur, business owner and
devoted Christian

Aaron Pascoe is the founder and CEO of GGOE Gearbox – an Australian entrepreneur and business owner has worked in the farming industry for many years.

Aaron believes that the biggest blockage to seeing future possibilities and risks is the limitation of own perspectives and assumptions. Aaron’s work is called “strategic foresight” or “futures forecasting,” Aaron is one of the more well-versed futurists.

His ability to identify socioeconomic, geopolitical, media and business trends is a science to him.

Aaron is a passionate specialist in farming. Moreover, he has huge knowledge about farming techniques, working and caring for livestock. He loves animals and loves to take care of them. In his farm he has a large number of animals including sheep, chickens, turkeys, and cows.  

He has seen first hand the challenges that people face in remote areas accessing power. Moreover, Pascoe’s farming history over the years working with farm machinery and animals inspired him to develop the GGOG Gearbox. 


Stereotypical, humble, and devoted Christian

Pascoe’s ability to identify business, geopolitical, media, and socioeconomic trends make the entrepreneur stereotypical. The economist arrives at decisions following the outputs of specific tasks. Pascoe’s business trends and strategies are intended to represent individuals with stereotypical behaviors in the management of particular activities in both local and international levels of business running.

As an enthusiast, Pascoe was interested in religious topics and acts of giving back to society. His devotion to Christ enabled the entrepreneur to try out new activities of passionate giving and care for the environment. Innovating the GGOE gearbox and engaging in large-scale farming and rearing of animals exposes the continuity of God’s creation through Pascoe’s life. Pascoe set aside specific days out of work to honor God; thus, he was a devoted Christian who kept the seventh day for rest and praise of the everlasting Lord